Hand Tooled Guitar Strap - The Trail Worn - Made in Nashville, TN

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This is a handmade guitar strap made in Nashville, TN. I am a leather maker and have created a number of belts, holsters and more.

This piece features:

9/8 ounce leather
Hand-tooled scroll 
Antiqued to look a little worn in
Adjustable size/strap
Stitching on my Cowboy 3200 saddle sewing machine
Pick holder integrated into the strap

Side Features:
Different sized holes on lower strap (general photo shows the holes)
Rubber strap locks (shown)

I own around 20 plus guitars and wanted my straps to fit them all (since I have no idea what you will be putting them on). I found a front hole that works on everything from my Telecasters to my big acoustics. The back strap holes actually have two sizes. One for standard strap button sizes and a larger hole for acoustic buttons that accept a larger endpin pickup strap button.

I also include round rubber strap holders to secure your strap.